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Custom designed websites for Orange businesses

The Key to a Successful Website

We design and develop websites with speed and accessibility in mind


Website Costs

The cost of a website is different for everyone

Web Design Process

5 steps to get your business online in no time

build your business

Are you looking to increase your sales or starting a new business in Orange? We design and create custom websites for every business industry and we will include you in every step of our web design project. The choice is yours so we know you will like what we have to offer.

Our custom web design process starts with a simple questionnaire so that we can understand more about your business, your customers and where you want to take your business in Orange and around the Central West.

We will then get started on a fully custom design based on your specifications.


Multiple Revision Rounds

Our custom projects come with a minimum of each project comes with a minimum of 4 rounds of revision per page so that this allows us to get your website set up perfectly.

Branding & Style Guide

During the project we will maintain a Branding and Style Guide if you don’t have one so that the fonts, colours and styles can be used for other business purposes if you desire.

Website Mockups

We will provide a website mockup with a custom design according to your specifications before we start so you know what we will be doing.

Custom Graphics

Our website designs can include professional graphics that are unique, vivid and help to illustrate your business goals.


Multiple Mockups

We can provide multiple mockups if required so that you can select your favourite elements before we put it into final design concept.

Website Accessibility

It is important to have your website accessible for all users. We help you achieve this by setting some standard functionality in the design process.


the key to a successful website in Orange

Website design in Orange is very similar to businesses in other areas of Australia. Your website needs to speak for your business, easy to find by customers, be fast, secure and accessible. These are just some of the important goals of a business website in Orange and we will help you achieve all of them.

100% Ownership

You will retain 100% ownership of the website when we have completed it, any plugins and software licenses will be owned by you.


Security is a must for any website to prevent hackers and scammers from messing with your website. If it is also essential to protect your customer data. We will secure the website and keep it updated when there are new security releases.


Websites designed by Digital Start are optimised for speed so your website will be smooth and fast when somebody visits a webpage.

Easy To Update

Anyone you allow within your business will be able to update the website. It is simple to get started and easy to maintain. We will be available for support if still required.


All websites we design are responsive, which means they will work perfectly on different devices including mobiles, desktops, tables and TVs.

how much does it cost to build a website in Orange?

There are many aspects for businesses that can affect the setup and ongoing costs of of a website in Orange. Some things may include how many pages, the content you have, image types, functionality such as bookings and shopping carts. So website design be anywhere between $3,000 to $50,000.

By requesting a free estimate below we can help you understand any cost involved before you begin.



What is the web design process like?

We want you to completely understand our web design and maintenance process so that you will appreciate the amount of work which goes into a project and why our projects have a structured approach.

1. Scope and identification

We work with our clients to determine what goals the website needs to fulfill, what web pages need to be included and establish a timeline.

2. Sitemap and structure

Once the scope is defined, we create a sitemap and describe how the content and features will work together.

3. Content and visual elements

Now that we understand the structure, we then create content for individual pages while keeping search engine optimisation (SEO) in mind. Visual elements including personal branding and images are applied.

4. Testing and implementation

Now that all of the pages are set, we have to make sure all of the website works. With our in house tools on board, we make sure all elements are tested.
Once testing is completed, we finally plan to schedule and launch your website!.

5. Care and maintenance

Websites should not be set up and forgotten. We continue to check that websites are running, optimised, updated and secured as part of our monthly maintenance plan.