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We make sure your website is protected & maintained
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wordpress + web care

Trust your website with people who know WordPress inside and out.


Outdated websites, plugins and components can impact your websites performance which may risk your website search engine ranking being reduced if traffic struggles to reach your website. We keep the performance in excellent condition to avoid issues and you potentially losing customers.


By choosing Digital Start to maintain your website, the chances of repair or the website being down a greatly reduced.



Keeping your website up to date is important as we can help to reduce the risk of your website being compromised and customer data being lost or stolen.

WordPress Experts

We keep up to date with the latest WordPress features and tools, which means we can provide expert service to our customers when they need help with their website.

fully managed wordpress + hosting

We have partnered with SiteGround to offer you the very best in fast, secure, and dedicated WordPress and hosting solutions. Here’s why…

Better Faster Stronger

Your site will likely be noticeably faster due to upgraded PHP, our new SiteGround technology, custom built Content Delivery Network, dedicated resources, and our totally rebuilt infrastructure that leverages Google Cloud’s global network.

Staging Environment

With staging we can test any changes or major new features that you plan to implement in a secure environment. We use staging sites as a testing ground in order to prevent errors occurring on ‘live’ websites, thus avoiding the issues and/or downtime that might otherwise result.

Free SSL Certification

SSL certificates will protect the sensitive data transmitted to and from your website helping to protect your visitors’ data from being misused by attackers. Google also gives websites with encrypted connections a slight rankings boost. We highly recommend SSL.

Bleeding Edge Caching Tech

Our new caching technology takes into account Divi and the most popular WordPress plugins to make sure your site’s pages are cached when they should be and aren’t cached when they shouldn’t be — with no work from you!

Dedicated Resources

Our servers are fine-tuned just for your own WordPress website and your resources are not shared with others! Having your own dedicated resources means that there is less chance of your site speed, security, and performance being affected by someone else’s website.

Content Delivery Network

Performance and security are everything – and our Global CDN is here to deliver that. Our CDN can help deliver fast, quality web experiences to all your end users; no matter what location, browser, device, or network they’re connecting from.

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We offer a range of packages to suit your needs.

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In order to bring you the best possible service, we will log into your website and perform a free review of your website before you spend anything. We will look out for potential problems and conflicts so that they can be addressed up front.

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frequently asked questions

Do you offer web hosting + maintenance?

Of course we offer hosting for your website in addition with our maintenance plan. We will even provide a discounted rate. Please contact us to find out more.

Are there any set up or cancellation fees?

Not at all. There are no setup costs and if you ever need to leave the plan, there are no cancellation fees. You are always welcome back.

What if I decide not to have a maintenance plan?

If you decide not to have a maintenance plan, there may be things that could go wrong. Below are some of the reasons why we would recommend a maintenance plan:

  • The website will not be optimised which may lead to poor performance, slow loading times and decrease in SEO rankings.
  • The wordpress themes, plugins and components will be out of date which can result in website attacks by hackers.
  • You will have no backup of your website. If somebody accidentally deletes something or your website is hacked you may lose it all.
  • You may not have us as your trusted partner to update content, make important updates or fix issues.
What if my site gets hacked while on the plan?

If your site is attacked and compromised we will take care of cleaning the site and getting everything back to normal at no additional cost. We have had ZERO hacks or breaches with websites on our maintenance plan.

What if I have an update that will require more than 1 hour?

We will always try go have your updates done within 1 hour so that you can save some money. If there is a significant update or change requiring more time, we will be up front and provide an estimate at an hourly rate.

What if my website is attacked when not on the maintenance plan?

We can clean up your website and get it in a working order for an initial cleanup fee of $300 and immediatly put you on our monthly maintenance plan to ensure it does not happen again.

How fast are the monthly updates done?

We will aim to get updates completed within 24-48 hours. We will contact you if there is any delay.